Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello and welcome to my little piece of pessimistic cyber space. Don't you hate those words? Cyber. Space. Any who -- I have contemplated for a year or so to take the plunge and set up a blog. I discussed this fact with Ohtobe today at lunch and he wanted to know why I wanted a blog. My response: because I have something to say, duh! I always have something to say... just rarely do I have folks who want to listen to it or in this case: read it. Speaking of the non-listening folks of the world, I suppose I should write something about "the fam" as one of our supporting cast of characters like to call us.

Ohtobe: husband to Mrs. Ohtobe and father to the spawn. Ohtobe telecommutes as a computer *yawn* programmer person (I am sure he has a title: Software Engineer 42 or something that means nothing to the rest of the non-can-you-hear-me-now world) and is our resident go-to and fix-it guy. Mrs O just adores him and to quote Paris Hilton "He's Hot."

Mrs. Ohtobe is wife to Ohtobe and mother of the spawn. Mrs. Ohtobe works for the City and is the angst-ridden heroine of our story. Since the hotness of Ohtobe was mentioned you may be wondering about the hotness of Mrs. so much. Matronly seems to come to mind though if that helps.

The Spawn: in order of who swam up the river first...

Frodo: is our eldest son at 21. Frodo is going to college, working part-time, living at home AND just got married to his high school sweetheart. Did I mention he lives at home?

Buttercup: is Frodo's wife and a recent graduate from Agnes Scott College . While Buttercup is looking to put her degree to work, she is the "Keeper of the Laundry".

Simba: is the eldest of our twin daughters. She is 20 and attending college while living on campus at USF. Simba is the biggest pain most challenging child we own. She is intelligent, outspoken and very independent, much to her own detriment.

Barbie: is Simba's fraternal twin sister. Barbie works part-time while attending college and spends every free second on the phone with her boyfriend or sleeping (hopefully not together or at the same time).

Napoleon: is the eldest of our identical twin sons. Nappy is a sophomore in high school and is involved with the Drama department. When not on restriction, his favorite past time is his new iTouch or any gaming game...thingie...Wii station - you get my drift.

Chewie: is the baby of the family and twin to Nappy. Chewie is also a sophomore in high school (you would be surprised how many people have asked if they were born on the same day...) and participates in the choir. Like his mirror image he too is an avid gaming-gamer person.

Max and Baby Girl: are our two puppies. Their names have not been changed because well...they are dogs and I highly doubt I will embarass them with their doggy friends by telling stories about all the stupid cute things they do. Just to get that straight: the dogs do cute things and the kids do stupid cute things too.


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