Sunday, March 22, 2009

A few words of advice...

Frodo and Buttercup have now celebrated 3 blissful months of marriagedom. I do my motherly best to not interfere. Having watched these two souls interact for the last few years I do have a bit of advice. They can take it or leave it but coming from somone who has spent most of their adult life married...just sayin' I know a thing or three.

For Frodo:
--Your wife will always be right even when she is wrong.

--React the same to your wife whether she has no make-up on and is wearing sweats or whether she is all dolled up. Your wife is always beautiful in your eyes.

--When you have a fight, apologize period, it was most likely your fault anyways.

--If anyone ever has to sleep on the couch, let it be you, as it was most like your fault anyways.

--When your wife cooks something that tastes like Tobey made it...ask for seconds.

--When your wife asks you to do something, don't be like Grandpa, just do it because it was most likely your fault responsibility to do it in the first place.

--Know your place, you are always right but only when Buttercup says so.

For Buttercup:
--Tolerance is the only real advice I can give you. After all, you can only teach, lead, strangle, and beg so much with a man. Honestly, there isn't much hope for tolerance goes a long way.

And finally you know my love of quotes:

"If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead...get married." Katherine Hepburn



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