Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Ohtobe

After the events of this week I have spent a lot of time contemplating Tobey. I am so truly blessed that this wonderful man loves me. This picture was taken by me at Honeymoon Island, when we were first dating. I love his smile in this picture because I can see the love, even if he is wearing sunglasses.

So to honor my sweet husband I thought I would do a "Things you may or may not know about Tobey" list.

Tobey isn't ticklish.

He doesn't like chocolate, coffee and for the most part ice cream. But most mornings he gets up to make me coffee.

He is brilliantly smart. Once Frodo had an extra credit math assignment that no one could do including Tobey but he did write a computer program that solved all the problems.

Tobey and his brother, in their mispent youth, studied ballet. Tights and all.

Tobey has an odd way of bowling that seems to work for him, even though he looks like he is going to tip over.

Tobey is the only man I know who, when working on the car, doesn't cuss up a blue streak.

When Tobey is sleeping he lets Max give him puppy kisses.

When wearing tennis shoes, Tobey tucks his laces down inside his shoes.

Tobey always gets pumpkin pie for his birthday 'cake'.

Tobey once had boxer jammies that had a reindeer on them and when you pressed the nose it played Rudol[h the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Tobey squishes his pillow up around his neck before he goes to sleep and it looks like a dog bone by the time he is done.

When wearing a watch, Tobey always has the watch side facing the inside of his wrist. *swoon*

Tobey goes barefoot everywhere. Weddings, funerals, shopping etc.

Tobey keeps his wallet in his front pocket.

Tobey keeps his goatee for me, as long as I don't cut my hair too short.

Tobey has a grill named the 'crematorium'.

And finally...
Tobey tolerates me and for that I am forever grateful!



awwww! This is so cute! I love you guys so much :) Dunno where i would be without you :)

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