Monday, March 9, 2009

Top Ten

Well we were supposed to have a movie review of the Watchmen by Buttercup today but I think she is running a bit behind schedule. And since I am so up to here with complaining about my delusional spawn I wanted to do something fun for a change. Hold on to your hats...

Mrs. Ohtobe's Top Ten Favorite Men:

*In no special order as I don't want any of these boys getting jealous, there's plenty of me to go around*

--Ohtobe because he is a hotty and I would get killed if he tweren't on the list.
--Hugh Laurie - those blue eyes, that stubble...need I say more, now I just need a disease.
--Johnny Deep - post 21 Jump Street and namely with Aye, Aye liner and a goatee.
--Vincent D'Onofrio - Sorry, even with horns in The Cell he was a hottie.
--Nicholas Cage - before he named his son after Superman.
--Toby Keith - again, those blue eyes, a cowboy hat and that voice....
--Hugh Grant - who cares he was caught with a hooker a few years ago
--James McAvoy - yeah I know I am robbing the cradle, but again, those blue eyes and that accent...
--Andrea Boccelli - that voice melts me like buttah...
--Alan Rickman - sue me but Snape was a hotty in Die Hard and Love, Actually.



I agree with you on most of these men. And I sent you the review last night, before I went to bed, which was late, but you should have had it this morn. ^_^

I should not be on this list at all (especially since I was a pity add on). Suffice it to say that I already know who causes you to drool and who invokes you to swing your bra around.

Lucky you though - you get to see me drool every night...on my pillow that is...while sleeping ;)

ahaha. Not sure if I think all those men are hott but I do think some of them are and considering I'm younger than you, thats pretty good. I must say that you and dad's comment made me kinda cringe and go ewwww....tooo much info.

You are always welcome to make your own top ten...the acne years or something to that effect :P

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