Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quick dial 9-911....

Year before last I passed out at work because my blood sugar was close to 500. It was my birthday and I had rice for lunch topped off with a orange frappawrappachino from Starbucks - oh and a piece of cake and some soda I think. You guessed it: the paramedics were called and I was hauled out on a gurney and have been the butt of many a joke since then. Some people will do anything to get out of work I tell ya.

Last week my boss came back to our little piece of cubicle heaven and called out, "Mrs. Oh, are you ok?"

"Um, yeah, I'm okay. I have all my work done," replied I perplexed. She never just asks if I am ok.

Then she and our boss arrive at my cubby. To check on me. To see if I was really ok. Because the EMTs were in the lobby. Someone called 911 and no one knew who or for whom. My boss's first thought was me. How thoughtful. Our boss then says he has insulin if I need it. "Um, nope, I'm ok despite the Klondike bar I just had for a snack."

Just kidding, I didn't really have a Klondike bar. Ok, I did. But no EMTs were called....this time.

Here's to having a wonderful EMT-free weekend.



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