Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

Hi, my name is Elvira, fan of the Twilight series.

Well not so way back unless you count this past Monday night as way back. Barbie decided to dye her hair and asked me to help. Fortunately for me, she was impatient and asked Simba to help her instead. Simba, who has adorned herself with more hair colors than Joseph had in the technicolor coat, would not have been my first or second choice.

Apparently Barbie didn't recall me stripping and redying Simba's hair two nights before Frodo's wedding because she too, decided to dye her hair something called 'shoe polish black'.

Since I have embarrassed Barbie I might as well embarrass Simba as well. This way back photo was taken at Christmas, 2008. Yes, Simba is wearing a Albertson's grocery bag on her head as not to drip stripper every where. If you are curious the blue dye from the shopping bag schluffed off on to her skin. Her hair was bright orange and snow white when we rinsed the stripper out of her hair.

One would think Barbie would have learned from this valuable lesson. But alas, no.



i'm sorry but did you say "drip stripper"? Ewwwww.....

It could be worse...

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