Sunday, June 28, 2009

In mourning

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this post. I have not only lost one of my dear friends but two. Two in one fail swoop of fate. Even though they were two separate entities, I always just considered them a pair, a yin and yang of sorts. I can't imagine how I am supposed to take a single step forward in my life without these friends. They were with me through good times and bad. Through school plays and funerals. They lifted me up, in a special way that only they could, to comfort me through work and weddings too.

It's tough. It isn't like I can easily go out and replace my friends. Oh sure, I could find a substitute but it wouldn't be the same, it will never be the same. These two, of all my friends, were the best They went almost every where with me. To quote Simba, they were the bestest. The best of the bestest.


To give you some history, I met my friends in 2005 while Frodo was doing some part-time work at the local and now defunct Shoe Carnival. We hit it off immediately. I would say it was love at first site. Now mind you, I wasn't out to make any new friends. Tobey always makes fun of the amount of friends I own have. I think he is just jealous that my friends don't ride the short bus like his friends do. My friends make me look cool and trendy, his friends make him look like Scooter on Beauty and the Geek. Not there is anything wrong with Scooter....

So good bye my darlings, may your soles rest in the eternal peace. I will miss your pointy toes your perfect height of heel. Not too tall, not too kitten. You both were just right. Your smooth snakeskin hide in colors of cream and chocolate that blended so perfectly with many an outfit. Did I mention the comfort of your flex soles? I think of all your qualities, that is what I will miss the most.

In Memorium

The Liz Claiborne flex sole, snakeskin slingbacks.


Today's fasting BS: 168


**This post was written before the loss of Ed, Farrah and Mikey - may they all rest in peace and God give their families, friends and fans comfort as only He can.


And now Billy Mays???

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I guess God needed some entertainment upstairs.

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