Saturday, August 22, 2009


Eons ago in a Circuit City far, far away....

When I bought my laptop a few years ago I had a certain set of criteria I wanted the thing to meet, namely I wanted a wide screen and I really didn't care about much else. Now being married to a Software Engineer IX, computer-techy, nerdy boy-man (and I write that with love honey) computer shopping can be a chore. All the while I was oogling the color of the cases and screen sizes, he was looking at the boring specs like drive space, ram and processors.

My laptop is not the laptop Tobey would have wanted for me but I bought it for one reason and one reason only: it had Lightscribe! Yeah. The same Lightscribe I have used a whopping four times since I purchased this laptop.

So I have Lightscribe and a 80 GB hard drive. I argued with Tobey I would never fill an 80 gig drive. Ever. And I never thought I would. But I did. Several times over.

After Butter graduated college I downloaded all the video on the camcorder. I had years of footage I never bothered to download. It didn't take long and the drive was full. Full! I moved things around, got rid of programs I never used, defragged my drive and gained a little space. Then after Frodo and Butter's wedding the same thing happened again. Ding-dang video is such a space hog.

Then I got a program to search out duplicate pictures and I deleted the dups and gained a little more space and I deleted more programs. I backed up my pictures to 4 gig thumb drives and I thought I was good to go. Guess what though - it happened again this week. I went to install Photoshop CS4 and found my drive was full again.

While we were on vacation we picked up a nice little 250 gig external drive (in pink) for a song and I planned on backing up all my files to it just in case anything ever happened to my computer. Because I had no space left on my drive I took the plunge and moved all of my photos, music, web sites and portfolio stuff to the external. Tobey didn't view it as a big deal but I hated the idea of having to lug the drive out every time I wanted to access a picture or song. He told me to attach it to my laptop.

And I did. I went through my sewing box and pulled out my velcro and slapped that bad boy on my case. Tobey thought it was hilarious and I told him that he told me to do it. Apparently he was kidding. So now I have a klingon that looks like this:

At least I have Lightscribe though...right?



I have plenty of space on my computer, but I live in terror of the computer dying and me losing all of my images and documents. I think that velcroing them together is brilliant.

Maybe I can talk Dad into buying me that Terrabyte drive and you can fall heir to the pink drive...I know how you just love the pinkness!

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