Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Nappy, Chewie and Tobey discovering our first letterbox.

In an effort to find something interesting, fun and free to do, I happened upon Letterboxing today. In a nutshell Letterboxing is a treasure hunt for a hidden box. You are given clues as to where to find the hidden box and inside the box is a journal from the box's owner and a rubber stamp. Once you find the box, you stamp their journal with your own stamp and you stamp your journal with their stamp. You can also add a quick note to their journal saying who you are and where you are from.

The Letterboxing of North America organization and Atlas Quest offer free registration and once registered you have access to all the boxes hidden in your area, or any area you choose. In a 50 mile radius from our house there are close to 150 hidden letterboxes. I hope this will keep us busy for awhile!

I brought the idea up to Tobey and he agreed it sounded like fun. We dragged Nappy and Chewie along and they really had no desire to go treasure hunting which surprised me. But once we got going, they really got into it and are looking forward to our next outing. I am looking forward to going to Michael's so everyone can pick out a special stamp and we really need to buy a good compass as some of the directions are pretty in depth on direction and walking X amount of degrees from a clue.

So if you are looking for something new, fun and free to try out - give Letterboxing a try. I promise you will have a blast. Pinky swear.



It's also often refered to as "geo-cacheing" or something like that where one uses a GPS device and has to find clues for the next waypoint, ect.

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