Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Dog Park

Late yesterday afternoon we loaded up the Shrekmobile and headed over to the somewhat new dog park at Sand Key beach. The puppies really enjoyed themselves and tuckered themselves out. Daisy still needs to get used to riding in the car as she has initiated the van each and every time she is in it - poor thing.

I hope you enjoy these few shots from the park. A big thanks goes to Ree over at PioneerWoman for her wonderful and free Photoshop action sets.

Max a million dollars!

Tobey and the Max

Daisy flying!

Not a dollop of Daisy any more - she is ginormous.

Sweet Baby Girl



I just noticed that your link to pioneer woman is broken. :(

I know and I emailed her about it - it is going to Yahoo Pipes and you can get to her site from there.

I think you are just missing your 'http' in the address, so it is trying to put blogger as the source site.

Nope - I tried that too - something is changing the code I input. I have tried with and without the http:// with no luck and blogger isn't the source that is getting pulled up, it is Yahoo.

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