Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nothing new here folks....

Lacy is missing. Kidnapped actually, dognapped more likely. I have even received a picture message with her holding a newspaper as proof of life. Not really. It seems she is staying with Papa and who knows when she is going to see her Mama again. Papa likes to say I am Lacy's stepmama but she and I know better.

Max got a haircut last weekend and is baldheaded er baldbodied again. Isn't he just the sweetest puppy in the world? Tobey agrees but says Max is only sweet when he is sleeping. Just look at that face! I swear folks, I love that dog more than my luggage.

This is the latest addition to the backyard. Seems the demon dog (see picture below) has destroyed my beautiful plumbago that overhung the waterfall part of the pond and I have now had to put huge pots in to keep Daisy from trampling my garden. I have no idea what kind of plant this is - if you do, let me know - but it was in the clearance section at the Lowe's and it looks to be some sort of flowering vine thingy. I thought it was just lovely. Hopefully I Daisy won't kill this one too.

And finally here is the latest and greatest of Daisy. She is still suffering from 'Bambi On Ice' legs and she always underestimates the size of her butt. Who knew that this little thing:

would get to be so huge and the scary part is that she isn't done growing yet. But we wouldn't trade her for the world. One of the best things about Daisy is her puppy kisses. While I love me some puppy kisses, the rest of the family not so much. Daisy's tongue is longer than her face and she usually walks around with her tongue sticking out. Her idea of giving puppy kisses is just to walk up to you and smack her already-hanging-out-tongue on your face. No licking. No pretend love. Just smack. Actually it is more like: slobbery-smack. Ahhh puppy love....sounds like a song I once knew.



I underestimate the size of my butt, too. ;-)

Lacy is fine. i think Grandma likes having her around. So far, she hasn't asked when i'm bringing her back to your house and it's been almost 2 weeks.....so if you want to see her again, gimme a new ugly tent and we can make arrangements....LOL!

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