Monday, September 21, 2009

The Panko Bandwagon

If you spend any of your day watching the Food Network it will only be a matter of time before you come across this item: Panko Japanese bread crumbs. It seems that everyone who is anyone in the 'food' world uses Panko. This past weekend I embarked upon the Panko bandwagon. In case you have never heard of Panko crumbs they are much coarser than regular bread crumbs.

While I was grocery shopping I picked up regular bread crumbs because we were out and then I saw the box of Panko for twice the price of the regular crumbs. I figured what the heck and bought them despite their $2.19 price tag. Now I had the Panko and no idea what to do with them. On Saturday we were having boneless center cut pork chops and I decided to experiment.

I brushed the chops with dijon mustard and let them set for a few minutes while I heated up a skillet with a little bit of oil. I dreged the chops in a milk/egg wash and coated them in flour and then dredged them again in the milk/egg wash and finally coated them with the Panko.

I fried them up in the pan and once nice and brown I moved them to a baking dish and finished them up in the oven. The Panko crumbs made such a lovely crunchy crust on the pork the likes I have never gotten from flour and the pork chops were moist and totally delicious. So next time you are out shopping - pick up some Panko crumbs and let me know what you do with yours!



It's not Thursday....whats with the recipe?

Are you sure that Lacy didn't eat up your regular bread crumbs?

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