Monday, November 2, 2009

The Clean up

We spent a nice afternoon on Sunday at the Olive Garden celebrating Tobey's birthday and I forgot my camera, so there are no birthday pictures. Go figure.

Butter and I have been taking down the Halloween decorations and it is almost as daunting a task as taking down the Christmas decorations. I did pick up some new bright orange totes to store everything in and I hope that will make it easier to find all the fall decorations next year.

We also made a run to Michael's on Sunday where they had marked all of their Halloween stuff down by 70%. I have always wanted to get their Lemax Spooky Town village but it is so expensive - but not at 70% off. We picked up several big pieces and a bunch of little things and I can't wait to put it up next year.



I love it that you decorate for Halloween. If I did that, I'd end up with Easter, Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff all mixed together because I love to put it up, but hate taking it all down again.


I'm gonna try to get the spider webbing down from the china cabinet today, I swear! lol

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