Monday, November 9, 2009

A lovely weekend...

The weather on Sunday was simply gorgeous and breezy which means: yard work and flower pictures!

It is nice to see after 5 long years the honeysuckle has decided to finally climb.

This little cotton-like puff was found hanging on my Blue Porter.

Aw. The obligatory Tobey shot. Isn't he adorable - even if he does favor pink shoes.

The bouganvilla by the shed is really blooming!

Butter taking a picture of the frog I found in one of the hanging baskets.

He was such a good subject matter and let me click away without being afraid and jumping off to parts unknown.

This little guy was a gift a few weeks ago from our neighbor who has the most glorious green thumb. I love the color of the flowers against the dark green leaves.

Such a pretty color for the fall.

I loved this little flower. Tobey would have you think it is a weed but you and I know better. That's why I didn't tell him about it or him and his pink tennies would have chopped it down.


I really love that picture of Dad.

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