Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Taj

It is 6:00 on Sunday morning as I write this post. Tears streaming down my face because I just read Matt's latest blog entry at Matt, Liz & Madeline. I know I have posted before about Matt and his journey but in case you live under a rock and have no idea about him, go read his blog from the beginning. You will hug your spouse and children afterwards. Trust me.

On his latest adventure in India he and Maddy went to the Taj Mahal. He shares his current adventure with pictures of today versus the time he was there with his wife. The shots from three years ago versus the shots of today are heart wrenching. And all I could think about was how the Taj was built to honor the memory of the Emperor's wife. And Matt's trip is honoring his dead wife's memory and I just lost it.

Most of us don't ever find that kind of love in our lives. And if we do we don't grasp the importance of it yet alone acknowledge it. I suppose it hits me because of our trip this summer back to Duluth. Revisiting places in my mind that created milestones in my life. I know how hard that was for me and I can't imagine how difficult this must be for him. I know I would be a blubbering mess doing what he is doing.

Alrighty then. Now it is 6:30. On a Sunday. And I am going back to bed.



It's a very powerful place that evokes strong emotions. I can't imagine what it must be like for him.

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