Saturday, December 5, 2009


This has been bugging me ever since I saw the first ad on the telly a while back. Those FDA approved Latisse commercials starring Brooke Shields. I always thought Brooke was smarter than most folks gave her credit for and I suppose since she is a spokesperson for toothpaste and eyelash grower-stuff I guess she is a good business woman after all. But.

Latisse advertises itself to grow longer, thicker eyelashes. I didn't know that thinning eyelashes was such a pandemic that a drug needed to be created to solve this problem. I can imagine two chemists sitting around with nothing to do (to heck with curing AIDs or Cancer). And one bloke notices that the other guy's lashes are a bit thin - voila: Latisse.

Exactly how much money was put into funding this product? Couldn't the money and effort been funneled into something say important? I know we as a species have become beyond vain but really. Eyelash-grower-stuff? Personally, it sounds so incredibly trivial and non-important I think the government must have had a hand in it.

And then I got to thinking. Aren't eyelashes a sort of hair. We've got men spending bajillions a year on rubbing Rogaine into their scalps in hopes of stimulating hair growth. I can just see it now: guys are going to be slathering this Latisse stuff on their heads in the hopes that something will grow.

Next thing you know I am going to have to have a Latisse ad on here because Tobey is a Latisse follower. With eyelashes growin' where his hair used to be. We really need to concentrate on solving the important things in life - and this my friends ain't one of them.



Imagine a head covered in eye lashes *shudders*

I know, right! Not only could they bat their eyeball lashes at ya but then they could bat their foreheaded eyelashes too! Ugh.

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