Friday, January 1, 2010

A little of this....

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year's. We spent the evening with Samwise and Rosie - two of Frodo's best pals from high school and played Pictionary Man after we toasted in the New Year with some sparkling grape juice. Yummy.
I worked a half day and cooked the other half. I made Aunt Martha's sausage stars which we renamed to bishop hats on account that Samwise is Catholic. There was some discussion as we munched on the bishop hats about thy rod and thy staff comforting....but I won't go into all the alter boy details of it! I even made Ree's stuffed mushrooms and they were pretty good too!
I also made some homemade cheesesticks in my brand new fryer which I haven't had a chance to tell you about yet - look for that tomorrow. But the cheesesticks were delish and uber easy to make. I bought a package of eggroll wrappers and chunked up some cheesestick size pieces of cheddar; wrapped them up nice and tight and fried them until they were golden and delicious. Super easy and way cheaper than buying premade. I can forsee a frying frenzy in the future. I figure if I can wrap it in a eggroll wrapper - I can fry it. Buttercup mentioned making our own fried twinkies like we had at a restaurant a few months ago and I think we are going to have to try that out too.
I can just feel my waist expanding as I think about all the goodies that have yet to be made!



purple!! Also, I can't wait to come up with frying plans.

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