Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad habits....

Tobey's brother is slowly improving. Hopefully by tomorrow they will have him awake but they are also going to have to install a trach tube. Install? Insert? Stick in. Thank you for your prayers and e-mails.


Tonight at the Wal-Mart if I could have strangled the Tobey I would have. I suppose in hindsight it wasn't all his fault....

I am looking for a dvd copy of Sense & Sensibility. I saw one at Barnes and Noble but passed it by thinking I could get it cheaper at Wally World. So on on 93rd trip to Wal-Mart this week, we looked for a copy.

They had one of those huge $5 bins of movies and while I was looking through the racks of movies - Tobey was looking through the bin. I had left the cart with my purse in it and went over to where he was. No one was around so I figured it was ok. But then the second I leave the cart everyone and their brother flocked on the $5 bin. Dang.

I went back to get the cart and haul it over to the bin and started digging through the dvds. I found an interesting title and grabbed it, clutched Tobey and made some smart butt comment about the movie. Only it wasn't Tobey I grabbed. It was some stranger! I know I must have turned all shades of red and when I looked around Tobey was no where to be found. Gone he was. Gone.

I scurried away and being a tall gal I could see the top of his little shiny head in the dvd area of electronics. It is interesting to note that he had also ditched me in the B and N earlier and I was not only embarrassed but twerked beyond all good measure.

I know I should have looked before I grabbed a complete stranger but he also could have said he was leaving. This was almost as bad as the time I grabbed GrandTobey's butt during Thanksgiving thinking he was Tobey. Yeah, I know but hey: they have exactly the same build and look to them. It really wasn't all my fault yanno.

I'm sure there is a moral to this story some where and I think it has to do with ditching your wife while shopping. I might need to adjust my man shopper rules. Which reminds me of this:

While at the Publix for the 62nd time this week there was a cute, little, older couple shopping. The woman was doing everything right: cart on the right side of the aisle, not blocking anything. Her husband? He was slap-dab in the middle of the aisle just standing there like he had never seen sliced bread before. And I couldn't pass them because of this. So I waited patiently and the lady finally told her husband to move because he was not letting me pass. I thanked her and proceeded to scoot by. She apologized and said something about taking him shopping with her. As in never again. I told her he was fine - just don't ever let him drive the cart. We both laughed and went on our merry way.

I like to think she is one of my Man Shopper followers. A gal can dream anyways.



I am feeling you, sister! All of my friends say they're going to get t-shirts made that we can all wear when we're out that say, "Where's Bill?" Because, that's all we say when we're out anywhere. My husband is a wanderer, always has been. Just wanders off without saying anything and it drives me CRAZY!

And your man shopping rules are right on target! I HATE when men grocery shop!!! They're so absolutely clueless with their carts in the middle of the aisle. I swear, I'm going to say to one of them, one of these days, "Look at your cart? Are you a moron? Think about it for a minute!"

I don't understand why men rule the world.

*high five* Ban the Man!

I shop alone...hehe
xo Susie~

Oh Susie - you have to tell us how you can leave the house without your Man Shopper wanting to tag along! Details woman. Instructions and flow chart too!

Ha! Women drive us nuts too!

Do not ask me to 'stay right here' with the cart while you go off for ten minutes to get something you forgot! Ever see that guy just standing in the bread isle looking forlorn and lost? Yeah, his wife forgot something!

Do not ask me to hold 'your purse'.........are you kidding me? Flourescent pink clashes with my Led Zeppelin t-shirt!!!

Oh I could go on and on...

-Matt :P

Oh sure. *fake concern* I know just what you mean. But are you standing to the side of the aisle on in the middle? hehehe

Tobey is threatening to start his own blog: our life from a man's view.

And finally: if anyone could pull off a pink purse with a LZ shirt....

Thank you for your lovely comment. I have to say...your story made me laugh. My dad is famous for disappearing while shopping. :) Hope to see more of you. :)


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