Monday, April 26, 2010

I finally get it...

A while back I read The Shack by William P. Young. Loved. It. And while alot of the subject matter would most likely cause those in our church of have heart palpitations - for me, I finally got it.

And no, this isn't going to be a religious post. For the most part anyways.

But what I finally 'got' was God's love of Christ. How hard it must have been for Him to send Him to earth and die on the cross. Yeah, yeah we all know Christ is the Son of God. But I never really applied that to my life. Could I send Frodo or Barbie to their death to save the world? Probably not, which is yet another good reason I am not in charge.


I think what people miss and don't get is the love a parent has for their child. No matter what they do, what they say, how they act, what names they call you - they are still your child. For better or worse (and in their eyes it is mostly for the worse) you will always love your child. Period.

Children always think their parents are trying to controll them, when the fact is that parents can't stand to see their children go through the trials of life. Anytime a child hurts, the parent is hurting more. If it is a bad grade or a car accident, trust me, your parents are aching more than you are.

However, people who don't have children don't get that though. Young people don't get it either. Sure they think they understand - maybe they love their pet or boy/girlfriend enough to grasp the concept. But in reality unless you have children: you don't get it.

Case in point: how many times have you seen parents rallying around convicted axe murders. Or that Casey Anthony or Scott Peterson. Why is that? Scott Peterson killed his wife and their unborn son and yet his parents sat through his trial and were on his side. Why?

I'll tell ya why. Because that is their son. Period.

So as parents we raise our children and then have to sit back and watch them make many of the same mistakes we made in our lives. The same mistakes our parents also tried to protect us from and warn us about, that we too ignored. And sometimes things go horribly wrong.

But I can tell you this, there is nothing that any of my children can do that would make me stop loving them. There is nothing they can say and trust me, there has been plenty said, that would make me stop loving them. It is all that simple and complex at the same time.

No matter what - we love you. Whether or not you choose to embrace that is your business but we love you. Period.



I agree with you and I am not even a Christian... - why the comment moderation? Did you get loonies posting?

I put the moderation on a while back to keep the loons at bay ;)

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