Monday, April 25, 2011

The cactus

I have no idea why every time I work in the garden I get all sentimental for my Mom. Sure I see plants she bought me that are thriving. I see garden doo-dads she bought that sit in the same spot where she last saw them. But. It wasn't like my Mom had a green thumb or anything.

I remember once my brother bought her a Christmas cactus and someone told her she needed to keep it in a dark place to force it to bloom. So she did just that. She stuck it under the kitchen cabinet and never thought of it again. Until my brother came to visit. She pulled the withered and crackled plant out from under the cabinet and then promptly went to the store to purchase a new one so he wouldn't know she killed his plant. Me though, I have a Christmas cactus out in the garden and that thing blooms several times a year. Go figure. Any way.

So it isn't like the garden should be a big memory inducing trigger for me regarding my Mom. But it is. I need to get over it because it is really hindering my enjoyment of working in the garden. But it has been almost six years and I haven't gotten there yet - maybe tomorrow.

What makes it worse is Mother's Day is approaching. And for the first time in my life I don't have a mother to buy for. It doesn't help that Tobey called his Dad on Easter and the phone went to voice mail where Tobey then had to listen to his Mom say they weren't available and please call back. It was hard seeing him get all teary-eyed.

Being motherless sucks.



I'm so sorry. I know I still miss my Dad who has been gone since 1967. I still have my Mom, who is 93, but we lost my mother-in-law in 1999. That was so hard. There is something so special about Moms. I hope it will not be long before the pain and hurt your are experiencing will be wonderful memories. We have to focus on the fact they are at peace even though we are still hurting.

Thanks Tee *hugs*

It does indeed "suck" But I am holding you in my heart all the way over here in Australia. Love to you xox

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