Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to make Tobey happy....

A few weeks ago:

I moved the love seat in the office into the living room and moved the sewing cabinet into the office. Well I didn't, Chewie and Nappy moved it because it is heavy! Did I mention Tobey wasn't home and I didn't enlighten him to my dastardly deeds?

I made a quick run to Target and picked up two bookshelves and voila. Instant sewing, crafty, Mrs. Oh area!

And about the paint job for the sewing cabinet....I still plan on painting everything white eventually but it wouldn't look right in the office. So I am happy to wait for the time being. Don't you love the new handles I scored at Hobby Lobby for half off?

Oh, and do you think Tobey was beyond thrilled to share his office with me? Do ya?



Our office was originally my sewing room. After Hubby lost his job we made an office out of it and it is still mostly an office. I need to get up there and do some cleaning out and rearranging so I can reclaim my sewing room.

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