Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mrs. Oh's 87th trip to the E.R.

So here is the dreaded 'foot' story:

Two weeks ago while coming back from lunch I twisted one ankle and sprained the other. I was wearing flat shoes so there really was no excuse for this to have happened. Unless you note that I didn't cross from the parking garage at work to our building at the cross walk.

Now a few days prior to this incident my ankle slipped a bit while wearing high heels when I stepped out of the Shrekmobile and I think that fact had me a bit scared and caused me to over correct when my ankle twisted that fateful day.

So it was like 8 million degrees outside and while carrying my drink and purse I stepped off the curb to 'twist'. My left ankle gave way while I was stepping off and I stealthy and most ballerina like made up for it by quickly putting my right foot down. And I completely rolled my ankle. Did I mention I was wearing a dress, a sleeveless dress?

There I was splayed out in the bike lane of the road and a nearby motorist asked if I was okay and I really thought I was. It hurt like all get-out but I thought it would quickly pass. It didn't. And I couldn't move either foot. So I laid there. In the bike lane. On the black, hot asphalt. One of our co-workers came upon me a moment or two later and she notified a police officer who just parked his car (I work next to the police department and next to that is the fire station).

By this time my friend Dustin Hoffman comes running across the road and I tell him I can't stand or move. I was laying my head on the curb and can you believe I didn't spill the contents of my purse and my drink was intact as well. Remember I did say ballerina like. *ahem* Dustin was concerned about me laying on the ground and kept trying to convince me to use him like a pillow to which I kept replying I was too fat to lay on him! I am always thinking of others.

I managed to pull myself to sit up upon the curb as my biscuits were blistering on that black top. And then the firemen arrived and they got me on my twisted ankle and I hopped over to the only seating near our building. Which reminds me: thank you City for removing all the seating in the parking garage due to the homeless factor. Anyways. And the whole time I had my arms around these firedudes what was I thinking?

"God, I haven't shaved my arm pits in a week!"

Then the ambulance arrives. There was talk since I hit my back, shoulders and bonked my head on the curb that they needed to get me on a back board. Oh yeah there was just no way I was going out on a back board and this was after they hopped me to the chairs. I declined the back board and felt awful so many people were coming to my aid when there were others folks that probably really needed their services.

But Tobey was working in Tampa that day and no one was volunteering to drive my putzy self to the hospital. The EMTs said I really didn't have a choice about going by ambulance since I couldn't stand at all without help and if the insurance company denies my ride I am going to tell them just that. Once at the hospital (again) I was x-rayed, diagnosed with a sprain and given some pain pills, a soft split thingie and a pair of crutches. Joy. Fat girl on crutches is not a pretty sight. Fat girl on crutches in a sleeveless dress worrying she is doing a Madonna impression? Even more so.

It took over a week for my foot to start to show the bruises and yesterday was the first day I could put a shoe on due to the swelling. Tomorrow though I will be shoeless again as my foot just swelled inside my shoe and was really puffy when I got home.

So yeah. Am I having a year or what? Are they going to name a wing in the E.R. after me for being their most repeat customer? Either that or I am just going to change my name to my childhood moniker of "Grace".



I know I shouldn't have laughed as much as I did at that!

The "unshaved arm pits" did me in :p

:P it is always the important things that run through your mind in a moment of crisis!!

No more trips to the ER. I must admit I laughed as well, sorry, but I have this mental image on you out there on that hot pavement. Well, at least you didn't spill your drink.

Hope your feet heals soon.

My ankles hurt just thinking about you. Ouch! Enough with the medical emergencies this year. Please be healthy.


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