Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Frodo and Butter had a few friends over for Halloween:

Right before I got home Tobey had to run Max to the vet. He has an ear infection and scratched himself so bad he was seriously bleeding. Poor guy didn't even get to wear his pirate costume this year.

Me and Butter. Do I look like a Martian Paula Deen or what?

Chewie dressed up to be Buttercup - I think he is the spittin' image...

The food spread...Frodo made a 'torso' meatloaf with bread bones poking out of it...yum...

Buttercup made the um 'bones'....I can't say anymore unless we change this blog to a XXX rating

Chewie (aka Butter), Me and Nappy (aka Frodo)

And a good time was had by all. Chewie made us some Butterbeer that was so close to Universal's and I loved it! Use recipe #1 from the site linked above - I promise you won't be disappointed!



Is the white stuff on the silver tray a brain? What is it for real? We didn't have any trick or treaters. Never have the 35 years we have been here. Could be we are 350 ft off the road and what parent would allow their child to walk up that long dark driveway? Obviously, none.

Tee - that is a cauliflower mash brain that Buttercup made. She colored it with some black food coloring and Chewie made a red (blood) butter for it. It looked gross as all get out but really was yummy.

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