Sunday, February 22, 2009

Books on my nightstand...

Last night I stayed up way too late. My back is really bothering me and nothing is giving me any relief so sleep is out of the question. I was flipping through the tv stations and there wasn't much on. It is amazing that we spend an outrageous amount of money for this HD tv cable thing and nothing is on. But I came across The Bridges of Madison County, although I have read the book I had never seen the movie since I am not a big Meryl Streep nor Clint Eastwood fan.

Begrudgingly I watched it. And it reminded me about a passage in the book that I just loved. So I got out my book and flipped through looking for that specific passage, which I couldn't find. By the end of the movie I was in tears and decided to turn the tv off and read the book again. Nevermind that I decided to reread the entire Harry Potter series and I have been stuck for weeks on book 5. Nevermind that I have sixteen books on my nightstand to read.

What makes this usual for me is I don't read romantic novels. Ever. The book was a gift from a friend and it was such a short read, I figured why not. I suppose I need to rethink all the things I don't like and try them. The other night I had scallops for the first time in my life because "I don't do seafood." They were pretty ok. The whole meal was just ok for Ohtobe and I, so I am sure that somewhere else the scallops might be really good. I will make it a point to order them again.

As for the plunge I mentioned in the last post. Good and bad news: good news is we prequalify for a loan, bad news is Steve's house doesn't qualify since it doesn't have a working kitchen. We have already found another house for even less and would like to get it but getting a realtor to call back is like pulling teeth. One would think in this market they would be calling us back pronto. Hopefully being patient will pay off.



That's cool. I'm glad things are panning out well. I hope that Realtor calls you back. :). I'm happy that you tried scallops I love those :). I always say I'll try anything once and if i don't like it i don't have to do it again. OK so now we need to talk about the sixteen books on your nightstand. Why? That's insane you make me feel like I should be reading. I never read...which is pretty bad considering I'm in college.

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