Friday, February 27, 2009

To quote the Pointer Sistahs..

I'm so excited! Toby is home! The kids are playing D&D in the dining room, I am so proud I raised nerdy geek spawn. But anyways:

I just talked to my dear, old friend Rosie and am making plans to meet up with her and her family in South Dakota in July after my 25th high school reunion. Rosie is one of those friends that you don't talk to in forever but when you do talk, it is like NO time has passed at all. She was and will always be such a special person in my life and I can not wait to see her!

On a sadder note: Simba is crushed. She even blogged about it. I guess I am infringing on her world. Her Facebook world. So even though she blogged about it, I will too but without the gramatikle (sic) errors.

Mark, who runs the DCHS Class of 84 site has decided to move it to Facebook. So I am forced to be part of Facebook. So I get all signed up and poor me: I ain't got me no friends. I quickly get Barbie and Buttercup to 'friend' me and I figured if I get all the kids on my friend list I won't look like such a loser. I won't mention that I have my options set to not show my friends to other friends, just another lame excuse to not look like a friendless facebook loser.

Anyway, Simba called and wanted me to do her taxes for her. Just another motherly duty diligently done on behalf of the spawn. I had sent her a request to add me on Facebook and received no reply. Barbie texted her and asked if she ignored me. Nope, she hadn't ignored the request but was just ignoring me on a whole. So I continue on with her taxes and get to the point to transfer her files to the IRS and opps, it won't let me since she hasn't friended me.

Oh, the humanity! Finally, she agrees and I send her taxes off. But no my friends, the story doesn't end there. She comes over today all verklempt over Facebook and how she can not wrap her head around someone my age using it. My age. We have a big discussion and it ends with me telling her that 175 millions folks use Facebook (got that from watching Matt Lauer this morning before work). I asked if she thought all those folks were college kids. Of course she said yes. So I googled -God, I love google - and then I explained to her that in the U.S. that there are only 17 million people in college, so only 10% of the Facebook users are actually college students. I am the norm then and she isn't! Ha! I think she wanted to say something about me listening to Coldplay while we were talking, I figured she finally figured out to fight one losing battle at time with me.

She then attempts to show me how to use the chat window. Me? The chat window? You got to be kidding me...

Mrs. O: Do you remember how I met Dad?
Simba: Yeah, online.
Mrs. O: Do you think I have no idea how to operate a chat window?

On a much lighter note and of less import than my Facebook intrusion in her world: she had a car accident yesterday. She is fine, the car has one more bump and is fine and she wanted to pick up Chewie from school today. Um yeah, no. Why not? Because I like my spawn alive. But in her defense, she still has 7 more accidents to go to catch up to Barbie's driving record.
And before I go, the Mommilie of the week goes to Barbie who stated tonight: I just choked on the flavor of my gum. Pretty funny stuff, not as good as her 'misspelling words when she speaks' but it ranks right up there!



I'm starting to accept that you and now dad have facebooks. I'm realizing its not that bad.... I'm not a bad driver. I'm learning from this and leaving plenty of space now. Man Kara cracks me up choked on my flavor of gum! ahahaha.

Simba aka Richard Petty. And remember: protect the innocent, she is Barbie here LOL

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