Friday, March 20, 2009

Guess what?

I got pretty twerked today. I know, that is not a newsflash or anything.

One of the worst things about living in Clearwater is the driving or more to the point: the idiot bad drivers. There seems to be tons of them everywhere, heck, a lot of them live in this house. Actually, if you were to quantify drivers, we have a 3 to 2 bad driver ratio in our house. Not me of course, I have 'good driver' stamped across my license. Tobey also has the stamp on his license but it was more out of pity from the DMV than his good driving skills, so I included him in the 3 part of the ratio. No really, it is ok, he doesn't read this blog anyway.

I was at Publix again, funny how so many things happen at the Publix. I don't know about your Publix but ours has stop signs so shoppers can cross safely into and out of the store. As I am pulling into the parking lot a SUV ran the stop sign, swerved around an elderly and obviously infirmed older lady, and parked. The older lady pushed her cart to her car and I ended up parking next to her. I also chatted with her and helped her load her groceries in her car. I just figured if it were my Mom, I would hope someone would have helped her out too.

Back to the SUV driver, who had a handicapped parking sticker and surprisingly enough didn't park in a handi-spot. As I was checking out, I saw her at the customer service desk. She asked for the manager's schedule. She was a manager at the store. And she treated one of her customers so poorly. I would have thought being a manager she should have shown more concern. She shouldn't have ran the stop sign. She should have walked three spaces over and assisted the customer. I couldn't believe it.

After I had put my groceries in the back of the Shrekmobile another SUV-driving soccer mom ran the same stop sign, swerved around another old lady, ran the next stop sign and went on her merry way. She actually used the entire parking lot as a cut through because it was rush hour and traffic was bad.

What are people thinking? I remember reading a few years ago that Clearwater was one of the worst places in the county for pedestrian accidents and after a little research tonight I found out that Tehran is one of the safest. Really. Tehran. What does that say about us and our self-important, indulgent ways? For me at least, I am going to try and do better.

And this week's Mommilie goes again to Barbie who thinks that white collar crime is "done by white people because they have money."

So blue collar crime would be committed by.....



Should we tell everyone what others think about your driving or leave them deluded? The 'Safe Driver' stamp is only on my license because they too know I am a good driver. I think it is more of a control issue you for you. As far as those that have no courtesy when driving; I am in agreement with you there. Those are the same people that will cut in front of you in lines and give you the one finger salute if you get in their way.

Remind me to reset the comment moderation on here! :P
Me<--no accidentios
You<--muy, muy accidentios!

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