Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mrs. Ohtobe's Tuesday Top Ten Movies of all time....

Below is a list of the top ten movies, that in my opinion, you must see in your lifetime. These movies listed are ones I could (and have) watched over and over. Again, as with all my lists, they are in no particular order of import as I don't want one movie to be jealous of the others.

  1. Four Weddings and a Funeral. Ok, I break my own rules with this one. It is number one on my list. It is funny and sad and with a little Auden thrown in for good measure. Besides, it has Hugh Grant starring, so that alone makes it a keeper.

  2. Saving Private Ryan. When I saw this one in the theatre I walked away numb. Having lost a grandfather in the war and a great uncle dying on the Bunker Hill, it touched a little too close to home for me. I think if everyone saw this movie and actually got it, there wouldn't be any more wars.

  3. Big Fish. While I am not a huge Tim Burton fan, but a fan from the sidelines...I really loved this movie. The whole examination of a parent/child relationship and the child just not getting it and in the end then understanding the parent, is something I hope for daily.

  4. Pride & Prejudice - the PBS version with Colin Firth, not the Kiera Knightly version (which works in a pinch). I find this one is truer to the book and it has Colin Firth, who did not make my Top Ten Men, but should have.

  5. Atonement. Absolutely brilliant. And shocking. Words leave me on this one, just go watch it without the kiddies in the room. Bring tissues.

  6. Trading Places. Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis are a comedic goldmine in this one and I never tire of them. Did you know that originally Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder were supposed to star in this movie?

  7. A Fish Called Wanda. Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael (K, K, Ken) Palin and John Cleese all make me laugh out loud and that my friends, is a undertaking. Two thumbs way up.

  8. Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yes I know that is three movies and if you force me to pick just one, then it is Return of the King. Best lines-- Ghost King dude: The dead do not suffer the living to pass. Aragorn: You will suffer me! I tell ya, makes me swoon for a sword and a pair of hairy feet everytime. Viggo Mortensen was also an oversite on the Top Ten Men list. I may have to make it a Top Twenty or Thirty....

  9. The Empire Strikes Back. The original movie we all saw in the theatres, not Lucas' newer, edited, CGI'd, ego-driven versions.

  10. And finally, an oldie but a goodie, and oh all the choices left but...An Affair to Remember with Carey Grant and Deborah Kerr. Looks like I forgot Carey on the Top Ten list but since he is dead I figure he will forgive me. Back to the movie....when Nickie finally discovers that Terry can't walk and that is why she didn't meet him at the top of the Empire State Building and he sees the painting he painted and and and...tissue city. Best quote: "Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories."



Cary Grant is one of my favorite actors of all time, he had the most amazing ability to really draw the audience in. His charisma and talent are simply inspiring.

It also does not hurt that he is one seriously fine man.

Another one I forgot: David Tennant!

Atonement? Good flick....painful movie to watch as the typwriter soundtrack is annoying and even though Kiera Knightly is attractive...and British, she seriously needs to eat a sandwich or three.....it was well directed and well acted, but i'd put it up there with The Thin Red Line.....


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