Friday, March 6, 2009

No comprendo...

There are just times in my life where I simply don't get it and if you know me, you know how hard that is for me to admit.

I don't get my new position. Today I had two people at work helping me with a problem and they had issues solving the problem. If these learned scholars can't figure this stuff I am supposed to be able to? And then I find out that I get my one month evaluation next week and honeslty, I feel clueless, so I am not looking forward to the evaluation.

I don't get Simba. At all. I have bit my tongue here but I can't stop my fingers from typing. She was complaining about being broke on her blog and how it is effecting her school work, appetite and sleep and how it is unfair. And even though she didn't have the money for her dorm room deposit, she is still flying to Michigan to see a guy that loves her that she does not love in the same way. She told Toby today that her income pittance tax refund came in and she got paid a little more than expected. So I guess everything is fine again...until next paycheck. My other concern is that what might happen when she gets up to Michigan. If Barnes & Noble boy treats her the way she treated him when he flew to see her two months ago, she is going to be stuck in Michigan with no place to stay, no money for a hotel or car or food. I guess I am really worried about her and her decision making processes.

And finally, I am so fed up with Barbie's stalker ex-boyfriend. He has been doing everything possible to get her to respond to him and thankfully she hasn't. The latest tidbit involves his mother's wedding and how Barbie was supposed to attend. He says that she owes his mother an apology because his mother spent a lot of money on the food Barbie was going to eat at the reception. I mean come on dude, get real, get a life and leave our family alone. After throwing a wedding 3 months ago, I would not have fretted one iota if a specific someone couldn't come, let alone be worried about the cost of their food.

If stalker boy's mother was aware of his actions, his non-stop voice mails, his non-stop text messages (until 4 a.m.), his non-stop threatening e-mails, I think she would have more to worry about than Barbie's attendance or meal card.
So that's about it on items I am not understanding but tomorrow will bring a whole new batch.



*le sigh* I'm with you on this kind of stuff.

So nice Frodo married a younger version of me ;)

Ok well I was fretting over money because of the purchasing of the plane ticket...because I knew that if I didn't get certain money in time I wouldn't be able to go but would definitely have enough for my housing deposit. Its more or less, it just came up and I kinda forgot about it and didn't realize it would be due so soon. I have been wanting to go to Michigan for a very long time. I feel like this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I never get to travel, especially for myself. I mean I definitely have to admit, I'm nervous flying by myself, but I'm ready and old enough. And really there is no need to worry about me being up there without a room or food or whatever. I will be fine, even if we were to say get in a fight or something, He isn't the kind of person to just leave me for the dogs so to speak. So please stop worrying and questioning how I possibly have the money and what bad things might happen and just be happy for me, that I'm getting to do what I have been wanting for a very long time. :)

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