Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things that go bump in the night...

Frodo, Buttercup and I have been going to Panera a lot lately. Like bi-weekly. If you don't have a Panera near you, it is sort of like a Starbucks but better. So much better than Starbucks that I don't even bother with them any more. The coffee is so good and much cheaper at Panera's and their menu is just so yummy. We highly recommend the cinnamon crunch bagel with their honey nut schmear and broccoli soup.

So we are at Panera and just blabbering away and some how the conversation turned to Grandma and her dying etc... By the end of our evening we were all in tears. I told the kids how after she died I would hide things in her house, like a bread twisty tie, and I would tell her to move it just so I could know she was around still. Nothing I ever hid moved and I told them that how I so wanted a sign she was around. Something, anything, just a sign.

We leave Panera and get in the van and click, click, click, the van won't start. Mom. The van always starts, never had a problem with it. Mom. Heck, the van is still new to me, there couldn't be anything wrong with it. Mom. *hums the Twilight Zone theme* Mom.
I call Tobey and tell him the battery is dead and he comes to jump the car off. Of course he says the battery is original to the van and it is time to get a new one. I tell him it was Mom. When we get home we tried to restart the van and it is definitely the battery because it won't start again he says.

I find it all a little to coinky-dinky that the battery choose this time to die. I like to think Mom had a hand in it. Jesus said where there are two gathered in his name that he is there also. I think that where there are three, gathered over coffee and bagels, crying over their most beloved, lost mother and grandmother, that she is there too.

Mom and Zach, California 2003, one of my favorite pictures.



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