Friday, April 17, 2009

43 days...

It has been slow around the Ohtobe abode this week but I thought you might enjoy seeing my new wallpaper for my work station. Yeah I know, he is hard on the eyes, I will suffer through. And hint Tobey: he has nice toes, so use that *$@^! Ped Egg I bought you. And to Buttercup: pffttttt!

Any who, we did get to see Hulk Hogan when we lunched at Las Mayas today. Contain yourselves, it was hard, but Tobey and I didn't even bat an eye at him when he asked for our autographs. I suppose all the mentionings of Matt and Martha have finally put us on the map with the rest of the Clearwater Celebs. Now if we can just run into Tom, John, Lisa Marie or Kirstie down at the Thai place.....

Can you believe that Clay Walker actually rolled out a new website design. What timing is that? They have tons of a/v stuff. Now I think I can make it through the next 43 long days until we get to see him play at Wild Bills in Atlanta on May 30th.
And I have to wonder aloud here, what kind of God would put a woman through premenopause and have her um, peak, at the same time. I tell ya, God sure has a sense of humor. Not really. Poor Tobey. Poor Clay.
Yay me, though!


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