Friday, April 10, 2009

Country songs I never tire of...

As with all my lists, the songs are not in any order, as not to get jealous of each other. I am including a link to the video for each song.

I Can't Sleep -- Clay Walker
"I've given up, damn the dawn..." You can just feel his pain in this song. But this was before he left his wife for some super model.

You Save Me -- Kenny Chesney
This is Tobey's ringtone on my phone, because...wait for it..."Baby, you save me".

Run To You -- Lady Antebellum
I get this country Simon and Garfunkel feel going on between Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood. And that is a very good thing my friends.

When You Say Nothing At All -- Allison Krauss
This is not my favorite version but CMT did not have the original Keith Whitley video.

Not Ready To Make Nice -- Dixie Chicks
Alot of the verses in this song are dedicated to a little someone in my world....

Nothin' To Lose -- Josh Gracin
I never tire of this one, ever. What a feel good, foot tapping tune.

Don't Think I Don't Think About It -- Darius Rucker, yeah that Darius Rucker.
"Between the work and the hurt and the whiskey." Oh yeah, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt but Hootie rocks. In a country-sort-of-way.

Stay - Sugarland
While this might create much debate in the household...when I sing...I think I sound just like Jennifer Nettles.

Bye Bye - Jo Dee Messina
Did you know this song was written by Phil Vassar and he didn't think a woman could sing it because of the car references. I don't think any one could have sang it better.

She Wouldn't Be Gone -- Blake Shelton
"Until then, damn it I'll be..." Is it me or has Blake Shelton gotten so much better over the years?

Enjoy the tunes!


No Toby Keith? What's wrong with this picture? i'm not the biggest country music fan but i have fond memories of swimming in the pool at Shane's in Z-hills listening to Toby Keith and Johnny Rebel....and of watching CMT at 3 am at....well.....never mind....

These are my stranded on a desert island country songs. Tobey's music sounds the same. While I LOVE him and his music. I would rather be stranded with him than his music *wiggly eyebrows*

How does Johnny feel about all this? lol

Um shhh, Johnny doesn't know. None of them know about the others, they are kinda like Dad in that light,they all think they are the only one! *snarky laff*

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