Friday, April 3, 2009

I got tagged!

Ree over at Hotfessional tagged me in a 6th and 6th meme, pick your sixth folder and then the sixth picture in that folder and do a post about it. I don't have many pictures on my work station, so this is going to be a 6th meme done Mrs. Oh's style. My sixth picture is one of Nappy taken about 10 years ago and I have no idea why it is on my work PC.

This picture was snapped after Nappy's one and only surgery. Back in the day Nappy had a very bad snoring problem, so much so that the other boys in the room made fun of him complained. We tried the breathe-right strips and other than making him look silly, they did nothing for the snoring. I took him to the pediatrician and they discovered he had some issues with his ears. Who knew, because the child never complained. We had to see a specialist and he explained that what Nappy had, was what they liked "gum ear' and that his hearing in the one ear was diminished by over 70%. That about broke my heart.

The doctor recommended putting tubes in his ears, taking out his adnoids and tonsils. He sailed through the surgery if you ignore the fact that I read his surgery report where it stated his heart stopped and they had to restart it. Nice, eh. My aunt, who is a nurse, said "That is why you never read the surgery report." Scarey stuff in there, don't read 'em if you can avoid it.

Eventually the tubes came out and Nappy hasn't had any problems since although he wore ear plugs for years anytime he bathed or was in the pool or beach. But I have digressed, this picture was taken after we brought him home from the hospital and I put him in our bed. He was so drugged up and so lovey. You can see under his elbow he has a stuffed animal there with him, so sweet.

This photo is one of a series I took while Nappy was recuperating and I have always loved them all, especially one that included Tobey with Nappy. Recently, Buttercup pointed out that Tobey looked like a pedophile in the picture because he wasn't wearing a shirt and was in bed with a boy.... Yeah I know, kinda ruins the whole thing now, but I still love these photos.

I am going to tag Rockin' Rob over at A Bad Backcast to participate in this meme. Thanks to Ree for the meme love - be sure to stop by her blog, she is so hilarious and she does the burrito fold on her towels too, so she can't be all that bad.



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