Monday, March 2, 2009

An idiosyncratic ame or as I like to say: a perfect me

You see Monk on the left...the family does tend to think I am the female version. I hate to admit it but I already started Christmas shopping, actually I started this weekend, so I started in February. Pathetic you say? I say organized and on the ball! Which got me to thinking about how "Monk" am I...

When we go to Wendy's I fold my foil burger wrapper into a square plate which Toby loves to make fun of me when I do it.

The laundry has to be done at ALL times - lest I go bonkers. I have been known to tell folks to get into their jammies and hand me the clothes they are wearing just so I can complete a full load. Honestly, Toby could wear the same underwear everyday because I have that fast a turn-around on the laundry cycle here.

I don't step on sidewalk cracks or grates. What if I fell in and I do try to avoid anything near a fire hydrant thanks to an experience Nappy had at the mall a few years ago.

When eatting dinner (or anything) I don't mix foods. I eat all of one thing on the plate first, then move on to the next item until it is gone and so on.

Except for this training I am going through at work: I leave my desk spotless when I go home.

The last thing I can think of has a little story behind it. Toby and I were watching Law & Order a while back and the killer was a control-freak, ocd maniac. While McCoy was cross-examining his wife on the stand he asked, "Is it true in your house there is only one way to fold the towels?" Toby looked accusingly lovingly at me and I hung my head in shame as I yelled out, "yes, yes there is!" I finally embraced my Monkness.

Now, everyone at our house has been schooled in the proper burrito-fold towel technique, and I must admit that everytime many a time rarely I would refold all the towels that were incorrectly folded. But I like to think I have slackened up on this towel fetish of mine. With Buttercup volunteering to do the majority of the laundry I am just grateful to not have to do it anymore. I could care less if we employ the burrito-fold. Well, I really do care but since I read on Martha's site that my way isn't THE way to fold a towel, I relinquished a bit. A tiny bit.

I like to delude myself in thinking the world would be just a little bit better if the world was more Monk like. I tell ya, Al queda would disban if they had to fold all the towels correctly!



Monkish??? I would say that they based that character on you ... of course I mean that in the most loving way ... I don't know if you can also truthfully say that you have 'slackened up' when you still get up in the middle of the night to refold towels.


I'm shattered! Crushed I tell you! To think I'm still folding the towels wrong! *sob* I know not what to do to make this up to you!

Oh, well. I'm simply just not good enough with the towels. But I think considering the number of times *you* have looked at me funny when I indulge in my ocdness, that I might be approaching your levels. *le sigh*

ahahah I love this, you are soo OCD sometimes.. though I'd like to think I learned a litttle from you. Alphabetizing our videos one time, color coordinating my closet, and laying out outfits for school for a month even with little labels. :) I think OCD helps the world stay a little better organized at a time. :)

You still have much to learn grasshopper...I forgot about alphabetizing the CDs and DVDs but that is a necessity not OCD. LOL I remember the time I sorted the boys legos by color...

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