Sunday, April 5, 2009

Introducing Daisy...

The patented Mrs. Oh's pout was in full swing on Saturday. Tobey and I took Max to get groomed and they had a pet adoption going on to save puppies from being euthanized. Lab mix puppies. I went to check them out but Tobey barely gave them a glance. I pulled out the generic pout without any luck what-so-ever. We got home and then I poured it on thick, I love my man but he is no match for the patented pout. Plus with the spawn chiming in agreement, he had to give in. After all, we are a democratic family, as long as everyone agrees with my decisions.

We loaded the kids up in the Shrekmobile and went to look at the puppies. They had two yellow and about 8 black pups and all of them were just as cute as buttons. When we were up earlier all the puppies were active and frolicking, and when we got back every one of them was asleep. One little black one woke up and I kept an eye on her but told Nappy and Chewie they needed to pick one out since it was earlier agreed that this would be their dog. Chewie picked out the same one I had spied and she is just a little sweetie pie, so far at least.

Choosing a name for her rivaled UN debates and after a while a name was chosed: Daisy. Nappy wanted to name his black puppy Ginger but since she isn't exactly Ginger colored, Ginger is her middle name. For when she gets in trouble, or starts seeing a dog from the wrong side of the dog park and stuff.

We took all the puppies for a walk along Edgewater Drive and viewed a lovely sunset and even saw a dolphin near the shore line. Poor Daisy is so tiny she would walk a few steps and then plop down for a nap. It was too precious. I am so proud of how Nappy and Chewie are looking after her, they are such doting Dads. Who would have thunk that! So here they are with their new puppy:

Puppy kisses to all!



Awesome....the cave is now starting to resemble our pack of Humane Society animals.....

aww they are so cute with her too! They are growing up thats for sure. :). Daisy is adorable :) and so cute :) Cant wait to see her grow :)

They called Matt & I for a reference check on Saturday. Wanted to know if you were responsible pet owners, had a fence around the yard, were your current pets on flea treatment. Of course we said yes to the first two. When I told them that Barbie worked for a vet it seemed to seal the deal.

She's a cutie!

I didnt see them make any calls, they must have slipped away to do that or I was distracted by Daisy. They did go over to where the shopping carts were at and looked thru the EXTENSIVE paperwork we had to fill out. I thought it was funny at the time - them 'reviewing' our application entailed a trip to the shopping carts but I am glad they checked us out and thanks for keeping mum about Frodo killing off two batches of fish I bought him. ;)

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