Monday, April 6, 2009

Movie Monday

This weeks Netflix review is Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich and was directed by Clint Eastwood. Jolie received an Oscar nod for her performance as Christine Collins in this 'based on a true story' movie. I must admit I fell asleep in the middle of the movie because I found the entire premise a bit wonky.

The film is set in Los Angeles during the late 1920's. Jolie plays a single, working mother who's son, Walter, is abducted and details her search to find him and bring to justice the person responsible. In an early scene of the movie Jolie's boss compliments her work as a phone operator supervisor and how his bosses were not sure a woman could do that job successfully. What I kept telling myself throughout the movie was "it was a different time for women back then."

After months of fruitless investigation the police pawn off another child to Collins as her own son. This is the point that I have trouble with. I can not imagine my child being abducted but if he or she was returned to me and I saw that they were not really my child there is no way on earth I would smile for the cameras and take the child home; which is exactly what Collins did.

At the time the LAPD was battling scandals and corruption and wanted to put a positive end to the Collins abduction. Collins took the doppleganger Walter home and tried to accept him as her child. What would possess the child to play along that he was someone he was not was never addressed, although he was returned to his rightful mother in the end of the movie.

The detective involved on the case did a very good job of trying to convince Collins that the new Walter was the old Walter, despite height differences etc. And everytime Collins questioned the police and explained this boy was not her Walter, the lead detective painted her to be an unfit mother. Collins tells the police she will keep the other boy, she just wants them to continue to look for her son. Collins eventually teams up with Reverand Briegleb, played by Malkovich and they set out to expose the switcheroo.

Collins is then detained to a mental hospital where she undergoes electro-shock therapy. When she is released she hears that a serial killer has been arrested and the police believe her son to be dead. A trial ensues, the killer is hanged and time passes.

For the finale, a boy that also kidnapped and was also assumed dead by the hands of the serial killer comes home. He is interviewed by the police as Collins and his parents watch. He tells the tale of his escape from the serial killer's lair and how Walter helped him and others to escape.
Collins never gives up hope that Walter's body will be found or he will come home as the other boy did.

Tobey didn't seem to like this movie very much either. I think it is more the subject matter than anything else. This is not a movie you will walk away from feeling good about, just very sad. As a mother I am a tad outraged. I do not understand how the main character could initially be so accomodating, granted she found her voice in the end but what a terrible journey she had to endure on top of her child being abducted.

So I would recommend this movie, just hug your kids afterwards.



Haven't seen it, but I'm not a big fan of AJ and tend to avoid her movies altogether. The previews didn't look all that wonderful, and I figured I'd save us spending $25 and walking away depressed afterward.

We rented House of Wax this weekend since we had no cable. Vincent Price at his best - Mom would've loved it.

As much as I don't like her, we sure watch alot of her movies -- I blame Tobey.

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