Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Lord (God)

I have to poke a little fun before I get serious. Warning: this is going to be a religious post so if you don't want to read it, leave now.

Still here? Ok, here we go then.

First, I need to apologize a smidgen to Simba who has joined a bible study group at USF. She blogged about it and I made fun of her statement that she found the Lord (God), yes she did it with parenthesis. I just found that a bit funny.


Simba has had a eye-opening last 8 months living on her own and her own accord. As with anyone, myself included, mistakes will be made in life, especially when you are young and dumb naive. Parents will yell and council. And hopefully, the child will come around to the light side of the force.

Simba texted Tobey last night asking for a copy of Sunday's sermon. She then became a 'fan' of the bible on her Facebook page. During the texting back and forth (why can't folks call anymore?) she mentioned going back to the bible study group she dropped because it is too hard to live a Christian lifestyle. My first motherly instiinct is to ask why? What happened now that she needs to seek God? My mother's mind reeled and none of what I thought of was good. Note the name of the blog: views from the half-empty glass.

So I was thinking today about this comic strip I saw. It was an office in heaven and it was lined with rows and rows of angels sitting infront of computer screens. The caption read, "Prayer Request." The next window showed one angel sitting in front of a computer screen, filing her nails. The caption read, "Thanks."

I don't know why that comic stuck with me but it did. I can honestly say that I rarely pray for 'things' any more. I prayed when Tobey was in the hospital of course. But on a daily basis I don't pray for things. I don't pray we can make the mortgage this month or have enough toilet paper for the month. When I do ask something of Jesus in a prayer it is strength to do His will in whatever situation I am praying about.

Now you may think after writing that, that I don't pray. But I pray daily, sometimes more than just once. And what do I pray about? Thanks. Thank you Lord for this day. Thank you for my family. Thank you for all the blessings you heap on my worthless soul.

I know that it is a little strange for someone (me) who is so pessimistically-negative to give thanks. But I do. The way I see it is simple. I imagine Jesus sitting on the moon looking down upon the Earth. From his view, what am I but a speck of dust amongst all the other specks of dust. From his view and God's plan for man, what do my little problems amount to? I can't imagine that my problems really amount to anything in the grand scheme for mankind.

I think people need to spend more time thanking God, instead of wanting. I know that I am blessed. Tobey and I have jobs. We can pay the bills. No one is sick. Every child here has their shots. We have dental and health insurance. Our children are all getting educations. We are all loved. We aren't hungry. We don't dodge bullets when we walk out the front door. We don't live in a war zone. We are free, both physically and spiritually. Truly, what more is there that I could possibly need?



i'm not going to get on my soapbox here as you already know my take on religion (God). But someone else we know could talk to you about (God) and how to be a good christian....

Thank you :)I started writing in my prayer journal again and when i prayed this morning, i thanked god for today instead of the little things.

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