Tuesday, April 7, 2009

From Lil Martha

I thought I would post an email I got yesterday from Lil Martha regarding the flooding in Valdosta. I didn't ask her permission but I am sure she won't have a problem with my sharing this.

From Lil Martha:

"Not sure if you look at VDT online – here’s some pics that were in the paper this morning.

Winding Way/Gornto Road area near the YMCA

Franks Bridge Road near Hahira

Park Lane/Meadowbrook Lane (runs parallel to the railroad near the Y) – One of the professors here lives on Meadowbook, and the water was chest deep in his house this weekend. Total loss.

Park Lane/Meadowbrook – just before you get to the Y

The Y is the big white building in the top right corner.

Cable and internet have been out at the house since Friday morning, no idea when it might be back on. The transmitting station is under about six feet of water right now. Thankfully that’s the only thing we have to complain about!"



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