Monday, April 13, 2009

Movie Monday - sort of

Ok, I am just going to come out and say it: Tobey and I watch Ghost Whisperer on CBS religiously. First I started watching it because of the title, ghosts, count me in. Tobey started watching it because of Jennifer Love Hewitt and the rest is history.

Because we were in Georgia this weekend we didn't get a chance to watch but we did DVR it. So I can't tell you what happened this week on GH but I can give you the Mrs. Oh's Premise of the Show. Please insert Tobey's views of "Jenny Love is hot" randomly throughout this post.

Jim and Melinda Gordon live in Grandview USA. Jim is a paramedic and Melinda runs a quaint antiques shop called "Same as it ever was." Melinda also has a gift, she sees dead people, like her mother and grandmother before her. Every where Melinda goes there is some dead person needing to 'cross over' into the light and it is her job to make sure they find closure.

There are some evil undercurrents in Grandview like a city beneath the town that houses some unfriendly dead souls. And there is a local college where Melinda has some friends that help her out with her cases.

During November sweeps, they killed off Melinda's husband Jim. The world mourned. Literally. I cried. Kevin was in shock and sent a fan letter to Jenny Love asking for her hand in marriage. But since Melinda can see ghosts, Jim decided not to cross over and stay with her. She insisted he cross over but instead he jumped into a recently deceased guy named Sam, who came back to life once Jim jumped.

Melinda befriended Sam and tried to get Sam to remember the Jim in him. Sam could remember things from Jim's life and just recently Jim finally broke through the Jim/Sam barrier. I cried again when that happened but no one knows how this all is going to work out. We saw Jim in Sam's body and only saw Sam in reflections of mirrors or windows, which worked out just fine for me. David Conrad who plays Jim is not hard on the eyes at all but not in the Top Ten Men list.

This year Jay Mohl left the show and Jamie Kennedy joined up as a collegiate physchologist. He is ok I suppose, I never liked Jay Mohl ( I hold his Jerry Maguire character against him) but I did like Jay in GH. And yes, I still hold Son of the Mask against Kennedy.

Come to find out recently that Jenny Love is dating Jamie Kennedy and I tell you what: it about shocked Tobey into cardiac arrest again. Secretly, I think it gives him hope that he would ever stand a chance with her as Jamie Kennedy is about as much of a goober as Tobey is. And of course, her dating a goober exalts her even further in Tobey's eyes. I tell ya, all these woman (sic) he likes, what is a gal to do?

So next time you have nothing to do on a Friday night, check out Ghost Whisperer, there is something there for everyone!



Me an Mama aren't too keen on network drama....we love House though....and are really starting to like Boston Legal....if you like to watch shows based on eye candy though, Julianne Nicholson would perhaps be the big draw for me.

I suppose - if you like that Pippy Longstocking sort.

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