Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well intentions....

"The road to bloggerdom is paved with good intentions."
Mrs. Ohtobe

Feel free to use the above quote. I had so many plans this evening and I successfully completed zero. My first intention was to finally link up to the Works For Me Wednesday held at We Are That Family. Unfortunately, I arrived too late and I didn't actually have a 'works' so I guess I will aim for that next week.

I spent most of the evening reading Lil Martha's blog at Another Day Today. After all my posts on Lil Martha and Matt Damon you would think that she might have mentioned she too has a blog. A wonderful blog that I spent the entire evening reading every post. I even laughed until I had tears in my eyes on her recollection of my Mom's famous (infamous?) 'Nut' stuffing.

So how should Lil Martha make up this minor bloggy faux pas? I vote for her going to the Clay Walker concert. But I am a little single-minded these day. To quote Aragorn, "What say you?" Vote in the poll on the left!

Tobey, the girls and I went to Panera tonight and stopped by Famous Footwear where Simba works. I wasn't feeling too well and you know how you can tell...I didn't buy a single pair of shoes. Not a single pair. That is a first for me folks. I don't count the two blouses I bought at Ross. We also stopped by Lowe's to pick up a new pump for one of the ponds. Wal-Mart had pumps for $75 and $99 dollars! We picked a nice small one up at Lowe's for $25 and hopefully will get it installed tomorrow.

So all I did accomplish was swapping out templates and changing my banner color to this lovely shade of pink. It is all in effort to put forth a kinder, gentler, less Boo Radley, Mrs. Oh. To be honest it is very hard to un-Boo myself but Tobey says I am doing much better, so there might be hope for me yet.

I am also trying to get the house in some sort of spring-clean order. I am hostessing a Thirty-One party on Friday with a margarita theme. It seems the more I pick-up or wipe down, the more I notice something else that needs to be done. I figure I am just going to turn the lights down low and light a few candles to hide the dust! We did manage to clean out the ponds this past weekend and I can't tell you how much the spawn enjoy that annual ritual but I thought it would be nice to sit out back with the tikis glowing and the water gurgling with a few margaritas and the girls.

Well, I think I did it, I didn't complain too much in this post did I? Meet me back here tomorrow for my latest concoction: Coconut Rum cake.



coconut rum cake is definitely one of my favorites! B-)

You're doing very well with the un-Boo-ing.

Yeah I am (as I keep voting 'yes')...

"Well intentions" sounds like something you would say....

i'm quite sure that Mama is upset about not being able to attend your magnificent 31 bag party....but Jassie Billy has practice....and we need to get ready for The Keys.....

Camping.....remember what THAT is? Or do you run across your gear and say " oh yeah....remember when we used to go camping?"

How am I supposed to be a kinder, gentler Mrs. Oh when you goad me on like that! :P

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