Friday, May 29, 2009

1 day left...

After work today Tobey and I will be heading north to Atlanta to see (as Lil Martha says) "my redneck singer" in concert on Saturday. Did I mention the VIP seating we have in the front row? Tobey is beyond excited and can barely contain himself. His enthusiasm doesn't even waiver when I get 6 tweets from Clay in 30 minutes on a Saturday night either. Truly, he is the bestest of the best hubby's in the world.

Now there is the issue of what to wear to the concert. The concert is in a bar, a redneck bar. I haven't been to a bar in eons and have no idea what to wear. I suppose I could ask Simba what the latest club wear rage is but I think I will just wear my black polka dotty dress. Too formal for a club scene say you? Nay say I. I figure the nicer I dress, the more likely I will be able to get away with the Clayknapping that everyone thinks I am going to do.

Seriously, would I perpetrate a Clayknapping*? Don't answer that. And no that isn't me in the dress picture on the right. Want to know how you can tell...that gal ain't got my flubbery** arms. I am going to wear a little sweatery-bolero jacket thing that covers my flubberiness. I know what you are thinking, Clay should love my flubberiness and I think he might but I don't want my jiggle to scare the boy off before I can pack him in my suitcase meet him.

Tomorrow's post will be our first Mary Kay post by Lynda Neal , so be sure to stop back by.

*I must clarify just in case Clay Walker has a PR team that scours the 'net looking for folks talking about him like Ikea and Sleep Number do. This post is meant to be light hearted and not serious at all. I do not really plan on kidnapping Clay Walker. If Clay Walker does happen to request I kidnap him, that is a different story altogether and as a fan, I would be obliged. I can just see me getting arrested at the door in my polky frock, I wouldn't put it past Tobey giving the FBI a heads up.

**And finally to my spellchecker: um 'flubbery' is too a word!



I'll be waiting up for "the call" on Saturday night.

You know the one...Tobey calling from the Fulton County Lock-up...something about handcuffs and chloroform.

Have fun with the hill-billy! lol

See ya Sunday :)

We booked a hotel across the street from the club which means no stuffing Clay in the Shrekmobile - I need alternate plans dangit!

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