Thursday, May 14, 2009

Miles for Moffitt 2009 Race Results

As promised here is the link for the Miles for Moffitt race results.

If you are in need of a daily funny, you can click below to see our individual 'race' photos.

Tobey: 131, Mrs. Oh: 132

Simba: 133

Nappy: 172 and Chewie: 173

Nappy and Chewie wear the same exact impressions when they are competing. The first shot of them reminds me when they were younger and would try to out do each other in collecting Easter eggs. You can just tell that they were pushing and shoving to stay ahead of each other.



You look great! No oxygen, no paramedics...

The shirt came yesterday - Thanks! :)

(Just happened to be in the "internet" neighborhood emailing some pics to myself...

You're welcome - I thought Tobey looked like he was huffin' and puffin'.

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