Monday, May 11, 2009

Movie Monday

We were supposed to see Star Trek this weekend but since my back has not been cooperating since the Miles for Moffitt walk, we didn't make it. In pondering this post, I asked Tobey if we had watched any movies lately. Nope.

Oh the dilemma! Here it is Movie Monday and me sans movies. What to do?

How about we have a Television Monday? Good, I am glad you agree. Let's start this post again, shall we?

Hi and welcome to Mrs. Ohtobe's Television Monday. This weeks topic will be the much awaited Huddy episode on last week's House.

The week before we got a teaser of what the episode would be about: Cuddy and House finally, how shall we say, hook up. I waited all week long for this episode. I let the spawn know I was not to be disturbed and informed Tobey that even if Jesus himself choose 8 p.m. that night to return, he would just have to wait until 9 for me. I know, I'm terrible but this is the Huddy hook-up episode that everyone has waited five long years for, I thought Jesus would understand.

For the last few episodes House has been hallucinating and talking to himself in the form of Amber, Wilson's dead girlfriend and former House alum. So House is sensing something isn't right in his mind and goes about several ways to rid himself from the visions of Amber.

The medical portion of the show I can barely recall. Something about a ballerina. Something about ending up with a venereal disease and almost losing her fingers and toes. Blah, blah, blah. Who cares? Certainly not I, I want to see what I was teased about last week: the kiss between House and Cuddy.

So House finally informs Cuddy that he has been hallucinating and he needs her help. She wants to get him into detox/rehab and he tells her he will lie to them and he won't end up detoxing. She knows that he is right and volunteers to watch over him, at his apartment, while he goes cold turkey off the Vicodin.

House goes off the Vicodin, Cuddy serves him tea while he is upchucking and there is no kissing. Not that I would want to kiss a post-vomiting man but again, this is House. So House detoxed fine and Cuddy is getting ready to leave and they talk about going into work. She is standing at his door and asks him if he wants to kiss her. His response: I always want to kiss you. And then they kiss. Which was the entire teaser from the week before. Nothing new happened. Need I mention that this scene happened at 8:58 p.m. I looked at the clock. I thought the kiss between House and Cameron a few seasons ago was much better than the House/Cuddy kiss but apparently I am particular in whom I allow to kiss House.

I put up with 57 minutes of ballerina girl and Amber for this? I was a tad disappointed to say the least. Of course the teaser for this week shows House yelling into the hospital lobby that he slept with Cuddy, while Cuddy is in the lobby no less with her mouth hanging wide open. Poor girl.

All this is leading up to season finale tonight. After last year's House's Head and Wilson's Heart two-part tear jerker of a season finale, I don't know how this season is going to end or top last years. But you can bet I will be watching and hopefully Jesus will be too.



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