Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mrs. Ohtobe and the Technicolour Dreams: Part 1

Yes, I know, I spelled the 'color' in technicolour the English way. But I like color spelled colour. I also like to pronounce the ‘h’ in herbs too. I am just crazy like that. But I do draw the line at aluminium and pronouce it the 'Merican' way instead of the English way of Al -you-men-e-um.

Anyways, onwards and upwards to today’s post.

I rarely dream. I know those in the know would say I dream and I just don’t recall my dreams. That may be the case but when I do remember my dreams they usually…..come true. I know, I know. You don’t believe me and that is your and Bobby Brown’s prerogative. Just in the off chance you might believe me here are a few examples:

Years ago I dreamt I was going to lose my job. That morning I went into work and did indeed lose my job.

Then there is the whole 9-11 dream where I went to take a nap and was barely asleep when Tobey woke me up for something or other. I told him I had a dream about a plane crash and it was like something we had never seen before. I didn’t go into any more detail with him as he is a non-believer but in my dream all I saw was the tail of a plane vanishing into what I thought was a wall and then fire. I could see the logo on the tail but I had no idea to which airline it belonged to.

The morning of 9-11 Tobey called and asked if I was watching the news. I turned CNN on and saw pretty much what I had dreamt. If you remember the televesion footage, when the planes hit the towers, it looked like they slammed into a wall, which I suppose is exactly what happened. I told Tobey this was my dream and he said that was why he was calling. The logo on the plane was the same as my dream: American Airlines.

Then one day my mother was talking about my grandmother and she wondered whatever happened to some loose diamonds my grandmother had which upon her death no one could find. I remembered seeing the diamonds as my grandmother would periodically pull them out and show them off. That night after our discussion I had a dream. Not so much like Martin Luther King’s but the next morning I knew where the diamonds were at. Towards the end of her life my grandmother lived in her living room and slept on her couch. Everything she could ever need was piled next to her chair, including a very old, rusty green thermos, much like the one on the left. I never saw my grandmother use that thermos, ever. In my dream, that is where the diamonds were kept. Of course, no one wanted that rusty thermos and I am sure it was thrown out without a second thought of even checking the inside. My mom said she remembered the thermos and I still to this day, believe the diamonds were inside of it.

A while back I had the same dream for three nights in a row and each night the dream would continue where it had left off the night before. I dreamt I was at a friend’s funeral and how all of us were surprised at his sudden passing, in a car accident. The dream continued on and on for those three days and it spooked me. So I called my friend and told him about all my other dreams and he can take what I was going to tell him with a grain of salt but I felt a responsibility to say something. So I told him about my dream and seeing his funeral and him dying in a car accident and to please, please be careful.

Later in the day, he called me back. He said he was talking to his wife who had gone to pick their daughter up from ballet. He was supposed to have picked her up but couldn’t. He explained to her my dream and she said as she was driving down US 19 (the most horrendous, death-causing strip of road in our area) there was a serious car accident right in front of her. She barely missed being involved and she had their girls in the back seat. Of course I interpret it to be that he should have been driving and if he was….well….they would have been involved in that accident his wife narrowly escaped and he would not have survived it. My friend interpreted my dream the same way and was grateful for whatever reason that came up that he didn’t go to pick his girls up.

And finally about a year ago I dreamt I was killed in a car accident. By a semi-truck. A skull truck is the only way I could describe it. The grill on the cab looked like a skull. So I am going home from work, with this dream heavy on my mind and I get to the 4 way stop next to the parking garage. I was just about to make my turn when I noticed and heard a truck to my right having issues stopping. Breaks were screaming and squealing and the truck finally came to a stop in the middle of the intersection. I went on my way and when I looked in the rearview mirror the front of the truck looked like a skull. The headlights were the eyes, the logo was the nose and there were bars on the grill that formed the teeth and the sunlight hit the grill just right it seemed to glow. I am certain if I had not dreamt this accident I would have pulled out in front of that truck and got hit.

You can believe or not believe that dreams have meaning. I believe they do, I think that at least with me, God sends me a sneak preview so my pea-brain can handle potentially bad things that might happen in my future. Tobey would tell you it is all coincidence. I might agree, if it happened say once but time and time again. No way.

So tomorrow I will post Part 2 of the Technicoloured Dream sequence: Chewie, Ronald McDonald and Max.



Ok....why don't you dream me and Mama up some winning lottery numbers!

You begin too many of your sentences with the word "so."

So, I like so counted how many times 'so' started a sentence in this post. 3 times. So out of like 1058 words in this post 'so' was used 4 times. So, I am like so not worried about my so usage. Personally, I would so be more concerned about my random commas. :D

I have dibs on semi-colons.

I am also a big fan of the dash - see! If I am feeling particularly friskey: the double-dash! --

Oh yeah?

Well I'll triple-dog-dash you!

(vague Christmas Story reference there...)

When do you go to Atlanta to see your redneck singer?

Be careful - you might shoot your eye out with that triple dash! Concert is May 30th!

i like to use a lot of periods.......sort of looks like the words are leaving little baby ant poopies.....

So, I'm still sick at heart about the diamonds in the Thermos.

I am SO glad you take your dreams serious. There's a reason you have them. I don't get those kinds of dreams. I just get dead people showing up. But I'm cool with it.

I definitely believe your dreams. My father did that, too. I don't dream things that happen but will be caught suddenly in a waking moment and know what is happening at that moment to a family member.

And I am a big fan of both the -- and the ant poopies...

And so, if you want to begin every sentence with so I will still so read you. So there.

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