Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mrs. Ohtobe and the Technicolour Dreams Part 2

To expand upon my previous post about dreams I thought I would include this little ditty for your reading pleasure. I like to call it Chewie, Ronald McDonald and Max.

After living with us for about 4 months we lost Max. A few days prior to the ‘losing of Max’ incident I had a dream which I told Tobey about. I dreamt that we were in a church parking lot and that Ronald McDonald was loading kids on to a church bus. Chewie came running up to me saying Max was lost and he couldn’t find him anywhere. So we looked high and low for Max but couldn’t find him. Then later on in the dream someone told me Max was dead and I became a complete basket case because they wouldn’t let me see him. End of dream.

Here is what happened in reality:

We had been working in the yard and the fence gate was left open by Chewie. Later on that night while watching House I noticed Max wasn’t in his usual spot in the bed and after realizing that, I couldn’t remember the last time I saw Max in the house.

Everyone started searching the house and the yard and we discovered the gate was left open. We then start searching the neighborhood. Barbie, Frodo, Tobey and I walked the neighborhood yelling for Max and shaking his doggy treats to try to entice him to come home. I did spot him once but he took off so fast that we quickly lost sight of him. At this point, in our neighborhood, I was extremely glad we did not name Max “Whitey” as had been suggested when we brought him home from the shelter. And using this experience we choose not to name Daisy “Blackey” as was suggested when we brought her home. I like to be politically correct when naming our pets just in case something like this happens.

Now after several hours of walking and driving around looking for Max, we gave up and I went inside to take a shower. Did I mention all of this happened while I was wearing my nightgown? During our search the main drag outside of our street was teeming with buses flying down the street. FLAG Scientology buses, i.e. church buses. I was certain Max was going to get run over by one of them.

After my shower I went outside to put my sweaty nightgown on the back of Tobey’s pick-up truck in the hopes that Max would smell me and come home. When I turned to go back inside I spied him sitting in the neighbor’s yard across the street. Frodo was able to lure Max over to the house and the hunt was over.

Tobey was in the shower when Max came home and had no idea I did the nightgown trick. Poor Max was almost unrecognizable. He was covered in spurs and stickers from head to toe. I stayed up the rest of the night and spent 4 hours picking those stickers out of that dog’s fur while all the while he slept. After all of our running around and stress Tobey and I were quite hungry and he asked if I wanted a cheeseburger. Of course! I never turn down a cheeseburger so he heads off…to McDonalds. And there is the Ronald McDonald symbology.

Almost all of the aspects of my dream were played out that night. Chewie losing Max. Ronald McDonald. Church buses. Thankfully Max was ok and the final part of my dream didn’t come true.

It was nice to find out later on that night that Tobey didn’t see or remove my nightgown from the back of his truck. I saw it the next morning on my way to work, a few blocks from our house, lying in the middle of the street. Talk about being embarrassed. Someone must have liked it though as it was gone when I came home for lunch that day, not that I was going to stop and retrieve it.
* To my anonymous poster yesterday: only one 'so' starts a sentence today, which gives us a 3 'so' to a 675 word ratio.



I remember that story!

The question is...would you have stopped to retrieve the nightgown if it had still been there???

I wish you could edit comments - I meant to say "I bet you would have stopped..."'s a beautiful thing.

Well it was my special nightgown I was wearing the day we painted Mom's kitchen and it had a lovely 'toasted coconut' paint smear across the front. Alas no, I would not have stopped to retrieve it. Embarrassment trumps littering every time.

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