Friday, June 19, 2009

An Always Fashionable Mrs. Oh

Tobey and I have a wedding to attend on Saturday. I am very excited to be going to an adult function where 1. ketchup will not be on the menu as a serving of vegetable and 2. if I feel like discussing the Iran election issues, odds are some of the geeky IT folks Tobey works with will actually know what I am talking about.

Now I don't know about you but when an occasion arises for me to dress up, I am a bit Nancy Reagan in the sense that I don't like to wear the same thing twice. I know, but I am a diva that way. Besides, it gives me an excuse to buy a new dress.

Without nary a spawn in sight, I snuck out of the house in search of the perfect wedding attendee frock. I stopped by the store where I purchased my black and white floral dress that I wore on my birthday. Thanks to the Old Navy commercials and trend setting, all they had were those hideous t-shirt material, tie-dyed, long caftan cruise dresses. Since I am not wanting to throw down the Mrs. Roper look I kept shopping.

I went to the mall and swung over to Torrid, the Hot Topic for fluffy gals. Nothing. Or at least nothing I could wear to a wedding, pole dancing sure, wedding, not so much. Not to be dissuaded I went into J.C Penney's.

I headed straight to the women's department only, it wasn't there. Where the heck did it go? The petite section was in it's place. So I walked the entire 2nd floor searching for something bigger than a size 2. Nothing.

Of course J.C. Penney has followed the Wal-Mart rule of customer service meaning I couldn't find a dang person to help me to save my life. Finally I found a gal. This was our conversation:

Mrs. Oh: Excuse me but *pointing to the now Petite section* am I in the twilight zone?


Mrs. Oh: Where did the fat girl clothes go?

Clerk: Yanno, you are the third person to ask that question.

Mrs. Oh: *thinking to myself: duh* I have walked the entire floor and can't find the women's department any where.

Clerk: I don't know why, but they moved it, downstairs, next to lingerie.

Mrs. Oh: Ah, ok. Yanno, as a fluffy gal, it kinda is a slap in the face to come to my department where I have shopped for years to find it replaced with skinny, short chick clothing.


Mrs. Oh: Okey doke, thanks!

It would be like going to Dunkin' Donuts and finding a Jenny Craig in it's spot. Not that I go to Dunkin' any more. I can't. And you have no idea how much I heart the Dunkin'.
Any who...

So I made my way to the dungeon on the first floor where they literally stuffed the fluffy clothes in tiny space next to lingerie. I don't know if they have a new department manager but it was terrible. All the clothing on display was stuff my Mother would have had the good sense not to wear and all the racks were so packed, I couldn't slide the clothes on them to look at them.

I gave up.

Then as fashion fate would have it, I strolled past a clearance rack. And there she was. Waiting for me. The dress. You know the one I am talking about: the Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman dress. The classic brown polky dotty dress, the w00t, w00t dress. On clearance. Plus an additional 20% off. I snagged that bad boy up so fast for a whopping $27 and almost forgave Penney's for relegating us fat girls to the basement corner. But not quite.

Tomorrow I am going to look for the matching hat and gloves. Sing it with me now: "Ohhhhh ohhhh, pretty woman!"


Just to keep it real and to keep me honest, I am going to post a daily blood sugar level. This morning's fasting BS was 164. Not good I know, but it is going down and much better than the 314 it was a few weeks ago. Did I mention I heart Dunkin'?


Just say "no" to the Dunkin...Nancy would be proud!

Congrats on the dress find - I despise shopping for things like that. You did good!

What no Hot Topic? A florescent green sack dress with plaid print would make you stand out in the crowd....not that you need to....but they have the matching Converse All Stars to match.....

I'm with you, Mrs. Oh. I HATE shopping in the first place, but to add to my hatred is the fact that I can't find ANYTHING classic and classy to wear anymore that doesn't make me look desperate about my age or one foot in the grave.

Oh, and how about something I can actually AFFORD?

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