Friday, June 5, 2009

Frangipani Friday or Foto Friday: Take your pick

I have no idea why I insist on making my post titles rhyme. I think I have either read way too much Dr. Seuss or it is my OCD tendencies showing through. Probably more like the former than the latter as I can recite Cat in the Hat by heart. I thought I would post some pictures of what all that rain we had last week did to the garden. Tobey and I also went to the beach to catch yet another stunning sunset and I have included a few of those shots as well.

Frangipani is also known as Plumeria or the Hawaiian Lei tree. They are super-easy to grow and give off a wonderful aroma in the evening. The flowers come in a variety of colors but the white ones tend to be the most fragrant. The only worry with Plumeria is that the leaves give off a poisonous milk-like sap.

One of my favorite plants in our garden is this lovely blue Plumbago. Plumbago is a great choice for your Florida garden as it is drought tolerant. The plant blooms in either a blue or white variety. I love the wispy tendrils of this plant and I have it planted along the edge of the ponds where it hangs over the waterfalls.

This little bloom I found this afternoon on my lemon tree and I thought it was lovely. We planted the lemon tree a few years ago and we just have zero luck with trees it seems as it has never really grown any bigger than the day we planted it. This little flower gives me hope that maybe in a few decades we will have lemons.

I thought I would post a new picture of Daisy. She isn't the little tribble she used to be and this is how she and Max are 99% of the time: one trying to eat the other.

I have two spots in the yard that host this lovely Bouganvilla. I love the tissue paper like flowers and again it is a great drought tolerant plant for Florida. I actually planted one by our shed and by the end of the summer we had a huge bush. The only downfall to Bouganvilla is it's thorns. Big, long, band-aid inducing thorns; so be careful when you trim it.

I love this little star-shaped center of this flower I saw at the beach.

Tobey always loves to go see the sunsets; he is so high maintenance that way.

Random beach picture #1. I used a graduated neutral density filter on this shot and I really like the movement it gives to the water crashing against the rocks. Never mind that I stubbed my toe getting this shot.

Random beach picture #2. Paradise.

Random beach picture #3: the pier at dusk.



Lovely shots, Mrs. Ohtobe! You could put those on WebShots!

Aww thanks - being a photographer would be a dream job but then I would actually have to understand what the heck aperture is! LOL

Thanks for the comment on my blog today. I didn't want to start arguing with the commenter by pointing out that she is not yet a mother to teens; but you did it for me.

Great job!

I especially like random beach #1.

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