Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Way back Wednesday: The Wacky Edition

Initially I was going to post a picture of Lil Martha* and Matt back in the day were Rue McClanahan glasses were all the rage. But I figured Martha would sick her big-time lawyers on me and I would have to close my little blog down and that would break my heart. On the other hand, I don't think Matt can afford the lawyers Martha can so here goes our Wacky edition:
Do you like the bath robe head band, the rolled notebook paper cigarette or is it the Buddy Holly band aid taped glasses that make this picture beyond wacky cute? Right about now you are probably feeling sorry for poor Lil Martha but no worries because this turned into this a few short years later:

Much, much better don't you think? This also was the last time I saw him without a ball cap on. Seriously. The last time.

While searching for pictures for this post I came across my infamous 8th grade mullet-do picture and I was going to do a whole theme of wackiness but when I went back to find the mullet picture, I couldn't find it. Honestly, I couldn't. So this one will have to do:

Some things never change with me. Same see-through, glow in the dark tan and Hermione Granger hair but at least I don't wear green knee socks anymore. Or do I?

*The Rue pictures of Lil Martha can be had for a price....

And per the comment box: here is The Burlap Monk picture, don't be fooled by imitators, this is the real thing way before it was cool to be into Lord of the Rings and all things Dungeons and Dragons:



It's the Jupiter poster!!!!!!!!

I am thanking God you can't really see the 'puppy love' wood guitar. hippy pic is on the web! Is nothing sacred!?!?!?

I remember when that was taken too...ahh the memories of a wasted youth!

I also remember getting that Jupiter poster at the Adler planetarium in Chicago along with the Saturn poster.

I feel old now..........


I could have put the LoTR one up - with you in that burlap monk outfit :P

I've never seen the burlap monk!







After almost 20 years of marriage don't tell me you never knew.... ;)

Son of a !


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