Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Da North Shore...can I get you some pop?

Today we ventured up the North Shore instead of going to Bear Lake. I was too tired to drive any more, so we will be going there tomorrow. A point of reference for you: there are NO gas stations between Two Harbors and Beaver Bay, just sayin'.

Tobey has replaced his Badlands vernacular of 'awesome'ness with everything up here is 'superior'. I suppose it is his attempt at some Lake humor. Anywho - just a few pictures tonight as I am beat and frozen solid. I am also doing laundry tonight. Yeah, I know we are on vacation but I can't stand having an entire suitcase full of dirty drawers.

These little flowers dotted the rocks along the shoreline below Split Rock Lighthouse. It just goes to show even in diversity something beautiful and unexpected can pop up.

Tobey in his Nat Geo mode complete with a Thirty-One floral bag which is doubling as my camera bag this trip. It is nice to know you can take Thirty-One any where and the bags look equally good on men as on women! *insert snarky laugh here*

The view from the shore line below Split Rock. The fog was coming in pretty strong and I thought it looked lovely.

The Two Harbors Lighthouse.

The Griswald's Ohtobe's infront of the Two Harbors Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse.

View from the walkway at Split Rock.

Gooseberry Falls. We made it to the upper and lower falls and were on our way to the Fifth Falls but it started to rain and I was worried the camera equipment would get ruined so we turned back.


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