Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They paved paradise

and put up a parking lot. Remember that song? Oh, la la la. Yeah well....

The little shopping center at Arrowhead and Kenwood. A grocery store now replaces the movie theatre where I first fell in love with Robbie Benson while watching Ice Castles. Nothing is sacred anymore! No more Ben Franklin's either or Ace Hardware where Mom bought all those 'German' carved ornaments I still have.

Rice lake, standing next to the dam. Wide angle lens, thanks honey. Does this lake make my butt look big?

Washington Jr. High - we'll be going there tomorrowish to look around.

Kenwood Elementary, still a school but a charter one now.

Kenwood again.

Sorry it was raining, the ballfield at Capehart er AspenWood as it is now called. Gone. The swings and tennis courts are still there though but the field they used to flood for us to ice skate on is overgrown and I doubt they do that any more.

Bong Hill. If only I had Matt's K-tel fun skis!

No more fences. The back of our old house. Also, no more shopette.

Remember mowing that stretch of land? Back then there weren't any trees.

Our front door visible through the...trees?! When did those get there?

The view from our front steps! No big wheels in sight. Where do these kids play ball or make snowmen? And Matt...I know it is silly, I even took a picture of the widowmaker: the dryer vent under the kitchen window! I was all teary eyed - leave me alone, I know it was pathetic.

The infamous garage! All the units are now divided into individual units.

Bong Blvd, where Matt left a little piece of his chin one afternoon.

And yes I cried. Don't ask me why. But I did navigate us to each of these spots without the use of a map or the GPS. Not too shabby considering I was too young to drive when we lived here. Tomorrow we will be heading up to Bear Lake for more memory shattering moments. Oh and Matt: I took a pic of Keri's house too. I will post all pics in slideshow format when we get home.



Great post! It's definitely strange seeing the changes in the ol' hometown....especially all at once like your experience! Have fun tomorrow!

Awww it looks really pretty up there :)

Miss you xoxo

Wow...............just wow!

Actually my chin took a piece of Bong Blvd with it! The incident happened half way up the paving you see in the pic. I was being 'cool' and was doing a wheelie when the front wheel came off.....it all happened in slow motion it seems. The front wheel rolled all the way to the bottom of the hill.

ah, the memories......


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