Friday, July 10, 2009

The Nintendo DSi and Tobey

You've heard of those women who become football widows every time the weather gets cooler and the pig skin comes out? Luckily in the almost 10 years of marriage I have never become a widow to any sport. Apparently though, I have meet my match. Been replaced. Who knew it could happen and who knew I would have had such a hand in my own widowhoodedness.

Tobey has been saying for months that he wanted a DSi, the latest and greatest hand-held gamey thing from Nintendo. For those that know the Tobey-man this should come as a shock. He may be a computer programmer but he does not partake in gaming. On occassion he has Wii boxed a few of Simba's boyfriends but other than that he simply isn't interested in gaming.

But then something happened and it is called the Brain Age commercials. He was suckered in like I am to a sale at Kohl's. As luck would have it Father's Day rolled around and I was stuck with trying to figure out what to get him this year. Don't let his easy demeanor fool you - he is a booger to buy for. I shopped around online, comparing the DSi with the DS and arming myself with all the information I could garner. I was so naive. I had no idea what was to follow. I assumed the DSi would go the way of the DoDo bird or his MP3 player and simply be something collecting dust on his night stand.

In the end I made him go and pick out exactly which one he wanted. I didn't want to get him the blue one if he wanted the black and I had no idea what, if any, domahickies he may or may not have needed to go with it. Better to let him just pick it out and pay for it. The fact that I didn't have to wrap it was an added bonus.

He picked out the black one and Frodo bought him Brain Age. It was the beginning of the end. For the record his initial brain age was 81 and mine was 40. I think Tobey is afraid that at his ripe old age of 51 that he is some how losing 'it' and will wind up in a bib and a wheelchair so he best start doing some mental push-ups so to speak.

Within a day or two of playing he went out and purchased a few more brainiac-type games. And tonight he purchased two more. I think we may have an addiction brewing here and if I call everyone together it will be for a DSi intervention, so be prepared.

I know I have lost my dear husband to the DSi. Tonight while preparing my posts I hear him, whispering into the DSi as he was being tested for his latest Brain Age quiz. I hear: red, blue, red, yellow, red, red, blue... That dear friends is the sound of widowhood calling.

In his defense, he says he is a blog widower, so I guess we are even. Of course in my defense, at least blogging has a purpose. I am Mrs. Ohtobeifing the world which definitely needs a little Mrs. Oh's spruce job. I am sure my one reader would miss my enlightening rants observations on life and stuff. And everyone looking for the Carrabba's Herb Mix recipe would be lost without me. And he should be proud of my second most popular post which is bringing tourism at Clearwater Beach to a screeching halt....and...and.... Yeah, blogging has a purpose!

And you thought I was joking!

Today's fasting BS is brought to you by the number 135!



I know what to get him for Christmas now!!

Enabler!!! ;)


I'm up for the intervention if we can do it at Olive Garden :)

Works for me. I wouldn't have to worry about paying for his meal as he would never look up from the DSi long enough to place his order. And Barbie suggested he get the cooking game...all y'alls are enablers!

Aww dad looks so cute :)Hes adorable when he plays with his DSI lol.

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